Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 4

The County Courts in Texas were created under the Texas Constitution and are governed by the provisions of Chapter 25 of the Texas Government Code.

In Harris County, there is four civil county courts-at-law. The judges of all four of these civil courts are elected by the voters across the entire County. What an amazing privilege it would be to serve all the people of Harris County. Please if you are a VOTER in Harris County my name will be on your ballet as William “Bill” McLeod for Judge, Harris County, Civil Court-at-Law No. 4 and I am asking for your vote, as every voter’s vote is important and critical, the first day to vote is October 22, 2018, and the last day to vote is November 6, 2018. I hope everyone will run to the polls on the first day to vote, October 22, 2018.

Voting is a “RIGHT”, which is in danger of being lost if not exercised by the people. Not to vote is a “PRIVILEGE”, which harms those working to make a difference and is destructive to your own wellbeing, so go to the polls and exercise your right and VOTE for your Democratic Judge-elect including me.  

A civil county court-at-law bench in Harris County has jurisdiction over all civil matters and causes, original and appellate, prescribed by law for county courts, but does not have the jurisdiction of a probate court. A civil county court-at-law has jurisdiction in appeals of all the civil cases from all sixteen justice of the peace courts across Harris County.

A civil county court-at-law has exclusive jurisdiction in Harris County of eminent domain proceedings, both statutory and inverse, if the amount in controversy in a statutory proceeding does not exceed $200,000, excluding interest, statutory or punitive damages and penalties, and attorney’s fees and costs.

I am working to have the privilege to be elected as YOUR judge of the civil county court-at-law No. 4 which is a term of four years. Sec. 25.0014 of the Texas Government Code which requires the judge of a statutory county court to be at least 25 years of age, a United States citizen, a county resident for at least two years before election or appointment, and be a licensed attorney in this state who has practiced law or served as a judge of a court in this state, or both combined, for the four years preceding election or appointment.

A county civil court at law also has jurisdiction to:
    •    decide the issue of title to real or personal property;
    •    hear a suit to recover damages for slander or defamation of character;
    •    hear a suit for the enforcement of a lien on real property;
    •    hear a suit for the forfeiture of a corporate charter;
    •    hear a suit for the trial of the right to property valued at $200 or more that has been levied on under a writ of execution, sequestration, or attachment;
    •    hear a suit for the recovery of real property.

To be clear, I am asking for your vote to become the judge of Harris County Civil Court-at-Law No. 4,

Thank you in advance for your vote and support.

With Gratitude,

William "Bill" McLeod
Judge of the Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 4



Pol. Adv by William “Bill” McLeod, Kirina McNamara. In compliance with the voluntary limits of Judicial Campaign Fairness Act.