TO BE SUCCESSFUL in my race for office as a Judge for all the people of Harris County it will take a commitment of time and personal resources and the financial help of my friends and supporters across Harris County.

Unfortunately to be completive in my race for Judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 4 requires a realistic budget.

I have worked to cut costs everywhere possible, leaving me with a budget of $65,000.00 to fully fund all of the programs, events and organizations to attend, advertising ads to be purchased and the cost of the campaign materials which include yard signs personal information cards, banners, the list is long.

To meet this budget, to be able to cover Harris County I am asking for your financial help, actually I really need everyone’s help and I am personally asking for your donation. Please go one line or send a check to my campaign. Please get involved in my campaign and help make a difference.

Your contribution will give our race a tremendous boost. Your gift, no matter the amount, will help me raise the vital money I need to successfully run my campaign.

Click here if you would like to help my campaign via online payment OR if you would prefer to mail a check please make the check out to and mail to:

William “Bill” McLeod, Campaign
2950 Unity Dr. #571012,
Houston Texas 77257.

Here are the rules for giving:

  • Law firm contributions along with Individual contributions (including spouse/minor children) are capped at $5,000.  A law firm’s contribution combined with individual lawyers’ contributions in the same firm are capped at $30,000.
  • General purpose political committee contributions are capped at $300,000.
  • No contributions from corporations or labor unions excepting only professional corporations like law firms.
  • Judge-elect must report all contributions above $50 and disclose the contributor’s name, address, employer and spouse.  If the contributor’s spouse is an attorney, the name of the spouse’s law firm must also be disclosed.
  • Judge-elect must report all contributions of $50 and below but are not required to report donor information on such amounts.

Thank you so much for your financial support, I truly appreciate your donation  

With Gratitude,


William “Bill” McLeod
Judge of the Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 4


Pol. Adv by William “Bill” McLeod, Kirina McNamara. In compliance with the voluntary limits of Judicial Campaign Fairness Act.