William “Bill” McLeod – Candidate for Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 4



Judge, Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 4


2950 Unity Drive #571012, Houston, Texas 77257
Direct-line: (281)788-8110 

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William “Bill” McLeod was sworn in by the Supreme Court of Texas on the 3rd day of May 2002. Bill has been practicing law and serving the community for over ten years in Harris County and surrounding counties. Bill has served his clients in all different courts from municipal, precinct, county at law, civil district, family district, state and federal, and the appellate courts. In Harris County alone, Bill has represented clients in over 450 cases, this is an average of over thirty cases a year.

Bill Graduated from;
*   Texas A&M University-College Station with a Business Degree in Management;
** Texas A&M University-Commerce with a Masters in Science Counseling & Guidance;
*** Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law class of 2001 wherein Bill was awarded his J.D. - Doctor of Jurisprudence.

Bill started out his practice of law and service to the community under the guidance of a long-time, successful, sole practitioner who focused on the care of each and every client. After some time learning from this gentleman, Bill moved on to a small firm under the wings of two outstanding and accomplished lawyers. This journey helped train Bill into the sole practitioner he is today working with a variety of clients, including small businesses. Bill is passionate about the judicial system and serving to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Over the past ten years, Bill has served as a court-appointed Attorney Ad Litem and Guardian Ad Litem. Attorney Ad Litems help to preserve the rights of heirs and unknown heirs to real property. Guardian Ad Litems help to preserve the rights of incompetent or minor parties to a lawsuit.

Bill knows of many attorneys and individuals that have appeared in the County Civil Court-at-Law No. 4 (201 Caroline, 5th floor, Houston Texas 77002) and has heard the stories about the courtroom inefficiencies and lack of care given to the individual cases before the court. The lack of due process that should be afforded every citizen is frustrating to the attorneys, their clients, and the Pro-Se litigants that approach the bench. County Civil Court-at-Law No. 4 does not meet the needs of the citizens that go before it. As the Houston Chronicle stated in their 2014 endorsements, “Harris County civil courts at law need judges who can show patience and compassion.” The Chronicle referred to the current judge as having “a reputation for being hard to work with on the bench. When you're a judge, it's not just about being right, but about how you manage your courtroom.” Bill feels that there are multiple ways to improve the court’s operation and service to the County.

As a call to action, and as an advocate for Harris County, Bill is running for Judge for the administration of justice safeguarded from arbitrary rulings. Due process, fairness and service will be brought back to this court. As your Judge, I will work hard for the multitude of individuals that appear before the court. IT IS TIME TO MAKE A CHANGE FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE COMMUNITY.

Vote William “Bill” McLeod for Judge, County Civil Court-at-Law No. 4.


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