William “Bill” McLeod – Judge for Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 4

I will serve all the people who live are visiting or passing through Harris County with fairness, dignity, equality, and respect!

One of my priorities that is important to me as your judge will be to ensure that the rule of law is justly followed. My decisions and rulings will be based on the facts of each individual case being heard and the laws established by the State of Texas.

Should you allow me to take the oath of this office, it is my promise to leave my personal opinions and biases outside the courtroom and rule based on the evidence before me and the rule of law and bring real justice to the courtroom, not for the few but for all.

I will conduct myself in a professional manner. I will honorably serve the people of Harris County with respect and consideration to the needs of all litigants. I will ensure that the Rules of Evidence and Procedure are properly followed on the matters brought before me, making sure that the pro se litigant understands what is meant by and what is needed to meet this standard. I will make sure no one is prejudiced against during any proceedings and that everyone understands what is needed.  

As Judge, if I am elected by voters of Harris County in 2018 to service on the bench of Harris County Civil Court-at-Law No. 4, I will work tirelessly to restore Confidence, Accountability, Responsibility, and Justice in the Court. To promote efficiency in the docket I will stagger the Court's docket effectively to lessen the time burden for our residents in having to appear in Court. Our goal is to provide as short of a window of time as possible in which the resident's and attorneys must spend waiting for their case to be called, getting everyone back to their normal day with the least amount of interruption as possible. The confidence in the court that I will bring will allow attorneys and pro se litigants feel comfortable in filing cases in our County Court at Law Courts in Harris County not feeling that they have to file in District Courts for fair and true justice to be administered.

I will handle all the Civil Appeals from the Justice of the Pease Courts in a fair manner allowing each party to be fully heard. No one will leave the courtroom saying they were not heard and understood.

I will restore this Court to all the people of Harris County Texas. After I am elected I will continue with my travels throughout Harris County, meeting and listening to everyone’s concerns. It is extremely important, in my perspective, to stay in touch with the hundreds of people that I have had the pleasure of meeting, listening to and discussing the issues in so many different communities in our County and the people that I have not yet had the opportunity to meet I want to do that. A “suggestion box” at the courtroom door will also be available for all to make comments and suggestions and every single comment and suggestion will be acknowledged personally by me with a return phone call to discuss the matter of concern or just tell me while you would like to visit with me about any issue and I will be happy to do so.

As the Judge of this Court, I will be speaking out at community events and schools helping to address many issues of concern and the issue that only seem to be getting more prevalent with potential devastating consequences for those being victimized and bullied. Bullying is not just a crime occurring in schools but throughout our County in so many settings in so many different ways and definitions, but it is real and scary, we have a crisis in our backyard that needs serious conversation and action is needed to be required to correct the injustice to all of our underserved communities.

I will continue to bring awareness to our community of the toxic stress that the children of the detention centers (baby jails) are suffering from because of the practice of separation of families. The closing of our black and brown neighborhood schools devastating the most underserved families in all of our communities will be something that I will always fight against. Social injustice is real. The consequence of not addressing the injustice across our communities only leads to a continuing injustice to the most affected, underserved families, who end up being robbed of peace in their homes and swept into a criminal system that is anything but just at this time.

I will commit to making sure all the schools that I visit have in place a program to address bullying and truancy. The intent of the bullying programs will be to ensure that the victims of bullying have a safe place to go to school, learn, enjoy the day; for all children to develop humanity and kindness towards each other. Not one single child should have to walk in the hallways, go to recess, eat lunch, or sit in any classroom in fear of being bullied. These programs will also address the tormentors so they can learn to be part of our communities having respect for all and for themselves.

Thank you in advance for your vote and support.

With Gratitude,

William "Bill" McLeod
Judge of the Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 4



Pol. Adv by William “Bill” McLeod, Kirina McNamara. In compliance with the voluntary limits of Judicial Campaign Fairness Act.