Former Judge William “Bill” McLeod Harris County Civil Court At Law No. 4

All people should be treated with liberty and justice by our judiciary— no exceptions.

The job of Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 4 is to uphold the Constitutions of the State of Texas and the United States Supreme Court. As judges, it is our duty to ensure that we listen carefully to all parties, consider the facts, and treat all individuals as they should be treated.

The values I use to guide my own life are the same values I carry with me into the courtroom and into each case I preside over:

RESPECT- The law is sacred. I respect and honor the law as a framework and agreement for how to live in harmony with one another.

JUSTICE- Law at its best defines what is right and what is wrong. Judges who believe in justice work within the parameters of the law to achieve liberty and justice for all.

EQUITY- Everyone is equal in the eyes of the law. We must strive every day to make equity a reality in our courts through an ethical judiciary that protects your rights and the rights of all Texans. Rather than prescribe wishlists to the legislature as some justices have done in the past, I will rule fairly, acting in a manner worthy of my position.

COMPASSION- Justice requires compassion. A judiciary that lives by love, compassion, goodness, and unity can bring more meaning and grace to the bench. I will honor and respect the people of Harris County.

TRANSPARENCY- An honorable judiciary requires that The People have access to information about the inner workings of the bench. As a judge, I will make sure people know what is going on in our courts so our judiciary is held accountable, just like any other elected positions.

TRUTH- Truth is important. Facts are important. We must all be vigilant to uphold the truth at home, in our daily lives, and especially in our courts. Harris County courts impact the lives of millions of people. I owe the truth to everyone who comes before the bench.

To ensure these values guide continue to guide Harris Civil Court at Law No. 4 I am asking for your continue support in 2020 for my re-election.



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